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Nothing but dead spins and bonuses under 10x constantly. £90 gone in 11mins there on mostly 50p stakes. Mansionbet is a good betting platform, but I was disappointed that they limited me when I started to make a profit. It is quite unethical that they promote the slogans like „Gamble Responsibly,“ but if you actually do gamble responsibly and make money they shut you down. One shred of honor they have remaining is that they at least paid me when I withdrew my funds. Tried Live Chat, email and phoning them.

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2 days after the point they should have given me this code, they once again moved the goal posts to 8 working days, claiming that there was an issue with visa payments. All this after claiming the issue was because they didnt pay me with visa direct Its been lie, after lie, after lie, after lie. They say the money is now the banks issue, but they cryptocurrency news wont even offer me proof of payment, to help the bank locate.If you want your winnings to be lost, dont even think about betting with novibet. Their website is nice, their odds are okay, but their customer service, and their lies, are enough to make a gambler lose more hair than they already deserve. Firstly, their website is very outdated.

Do Not Use This Company

So basically I will not ever see that money again. Avoid BETSAFE at all costs as you will never see your money again and you cannot win as they will nit return. I was playing there for many years but I didnt do withdrawal. Finally I decided to do it, they told me to send few documents like bank statement etc I had to ask bank to send it home and pay for it. Anyway I did it and they still didnt let me withdraw money.

While gambling commission who’s job is to prevent crime and protect the vulnerable, is simply closing their eyes to this serious issue. For starters, sites hashiny cloud mining always freezing where litterly you have to keep restarting your phone everytimr you come on this site as it messes with your whole Internet browser.

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Gambling commission is allowing betfred to steal users money instead of protecting vulnerable customers and preventing crime! Gambling industry is corrupt and using their power to their advantage… seems to be the only company that is working hard to make sure those customers get their stolen money back.

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So you can imagine, games I was able to place bet of about 200 GBP, suddenly I am able to make only about 20 GBP. And it’s okay, I was already moving to new bookie…but is this kind of company is worth of your time?

Biggest Scam Hashshiny Io,

My only minor niggle is when i have the site in a window and am in the bet-slip – the screen scrolls to the left every now and then and i lose sight of the bet-slip. This is even more annoying when i am doing an in-play bet as prices change quickly. Stay away from online poker its very much rigged they always favour chip leaders and when you think you have the best hand oh no clowns going all in with 9 2 and winning its a joke so is it cheating or are these botts??????? The bad beats ive had this is enough to throw yourlaptop through the window people with multipul accounts trying to ghost you i have reported several of these but they just ignore you. I have found QuinnBet very easy to use, they offer competitive prices on football and racing.

  • While gambling commission is allowing betfred to get away with stealing users money, leaving customers vulnerable and without any protection.
  • I thank them and hope it continues.
  • Horrendous site for gaming, the only thing it does well is take deposits.
  • This company should be investigated by the gambling commison as they are not adhering to the rules and regulations.
  • Gambling commission is allowing betfred to steal users money instead of protecting vulnerable customers and preventing crime!
  • Free miners make you more then this hyp of dong.

Another shady bookie that is very user-friendly until you establish a solid winning record; then you are lucky to be able to place a bet above $10. The withdrawal process is also the most onerous and difficult I have ever experienced on any website–gambling or otherwise–in my life. Good UI, solid deposit options, great line variety, but it punishes winning bettors so it gets a 1 from me. Stay as far away from this site as you can.

Scammers And Thieves

I’ll make sure this hashshiny culprit scam app an organisation pay for the negative mind. You pay a service fee for no service. Claim your profile to access Trustpilot’s free business tools and connect with customers. cryptocurrency for beginners At first, I would agree with all of the people on the bad side, but I randomly invested a little more than planned in a sleep deprived delirium, turned out to be a fantastic investment for my family’s future.

They are in the same family of businesses as racebets, so will impose restrictions on your account right away. I received an email telling me I could only bet at starting price before I had even placed a single bet! Obviously that’s no use to anyone, one can do that anywhere and get all sorts of bonuses and free bets with sites like bet365 or william hill or sky, so there is absolutely no reason for a horse race punter to join betsafe. Do not use Betsafe, they do not pay out your full winnings and it will take you months to withdraw your money.

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Shame really as they used to be quite good. 1 star is too high for these con artists, soon as I win they can’t accept documents, lock my account & steal my winnings. Unlucky Leo Vegas I disputed all transactions to you with my bank, and they are all being refunded to me. Everyone being refused withdrawals, cancel the transactions with your bank, explain the situation to them, and that no matter what you provide there is always an excuse. This is the most horrible service I have ever seen in my life. I withdraw money 6 days ago and I still did not get into my bank account it is so frustrating with this service, would not recomment using William Hill..

Ironic given they have no concerns taking your full debit card number…Please dont bother pasting a response to this. I’ve already initiated a chargeback via my bank for the deposit amount.

Betsafe Customer Service

The only one I have tried and have also benefited from it is getting my fixed tip from a very good tipster on instagram by the name EDDY_MOREM. Used the app for a short while then changed over to sky bet mainly for the reason of fed up of waiting 2-3 days for withdrawals to go into my bank.

After few weeks I received another email. They wrote me I violated rules according fixed matches, my account will stay frozen and money confiscated. Balance on my wallet was almost 3000€. That was real surprise for me. Security department didn’t explain anything else.

  • Free slots tournaments 12,000+ people playing ?
  • Live chat have not got a clue what they are doing in fact the whole company is a joke they do not have a clue what they are doing, and at the end of the day this is my money being messed about with .
  • I guess MansionBet only want losers to bet with them.
  • QuinnBet is suitable for all punters.
  • When it came to withdrawals they were in my account the very same day.

Lucky for me I actually lost money on your site so very glad to have it back from your bank account via chargeback. I advise all other readers to do the same until this company start operating legally.

I’ll take my £18.54 and now avoid them forever and I hope you do too. These company do not honour their own welcome bonus. Lure you in with offers and do not pay them which constitutes a breach of faith.

Betsafe Player Reviews

Wasn’t told that there was an issue unable to get through on the phone days lines will be working from the 1st of August it’s now the 2nd of november. Took me three days to get through on live chat.

I have deposited and withdrawn several times, but after a fairly big win last week they are just being utterly difficult! Asking me to re-verify my account. I have sent them several documents but nothing is enough and they keep reclining my withdrawls with no good explanation. One time they asked me to send them a 30 day statement from my bank and then after that they demand something else and still reject the verification.

So they withdraw the bonus and all the gains you made till that point! Further it’s impossible to withdraw your money even if you meet all the requirements. This is the worst betting site there is and should be taken down. Hi everyone bet365 is a scam to fool people . Its multi Billion dollar company by taking money from people I placed bet on cricket world cup 2021 Match between India vs NZ .The bet was india will win match vs No India win . As India is strong side the return on No india win was +2500.

Author: Shaurya Malwa

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